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Land Surveys in Greenwich, CT

Welcome to Redniss & Mead, your trusted Greenwich land surveyors. We are your partner in transforming properties and communities through exceptional land use services. For over six decades, we have been committed to enhancing the landscapes of Greenwich and all of Connecticut. Our mission is rooted in providing tailored land survey solutions that reflect the unique goals and characteristics of each project.

At Redniss & Mead, we offer a comprehensive suite of services, including land surveying, civil engineering, planning and zoning, and permitting. Our land surveyors are proficient in providing detailed property surveys in Greenwich and across Fairfield and New Haven Counties, Connecticut, and Westchester County, New York, ensuring the first crucial step in property development is accurately achieved.

Land Surveying Services

Boundary stake-outs and plot plans
Septic system testing and design
Wetland permit assistance
Flood Elevation Certificates

Services for Developers

Holistic approach with integrated services
Creative solutions to site challenges
Credibility with land use regulators

Land Services for Architects & Builders

Accurate, readable maps and surveys
Uncover issues early in the design process
Engineering solutions for site problems

Services for Land Use Attorneys​

Zoning text amendments
Solutions for inclusionary zoning
Open space planning

What our clients are saying

My husband and I were interested in obtaining a survey of our property. This was our first experience requesting and reading a survey. We did not know where to begin. We contacted Redniss & Mead and were immediately connected with Jorge Pereira. Jorge was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. He explained the steps, options and costs involved in a clear manner. We were always able to reach out and have all of our questions answered and concerns addressed. The team that came out to install the stakes was very courteous. Once the work was complete they explained what had been done and answered any questions we had for them. We have enjoyed working with Redniss & Mead and would highly recommend their services.
Rica & Keir Curran
My firm has been using Redniss & Mead for over fifteen years and I would strongly recommend the use of their services for any and all projects that require civil engineering and surveying. I have always been impressed with the attentiveness, knowledge of local laws, codes and requirements, and reliability exhibited by the Redniss & Mead team. The relationships that Redniss & Mead has established within the industry and the local town departments have aided in the approvals and success of my firm’s projects. I look forward to future successful partnerships with Redniss & Mead.
Bill Gardiner
Gardiner & Larson Homes - New Canaan, CT
Our good friend recommended the firm of Redniss & Mead, and after soliciting bids, we chose them - not based solely on price, but on the professionalism that they exhibited from the outset. The survey that they prepared for us was unmatched in detail, and complemented our overall submission to the town. The quality of the documentation enhanced the credibility of the overall project, and helped us speed through the approval process. Further, their level of service "after the sale" has been consistent with their professional approach. We cannot sing higher praise than we do for the people of Redniss & Mead.
Richard and Maria Barbour

Civil Engineering

Planning & Zoning


Discover Greenwich, CT: A Legacy of Land and Development

Greenwich, CT, a town rich in history and progress, offers a unique tapestry of land development stories that date back to the 17th century. Initially settled in 1640, Greenwich’s land journey began with the purchase from Native Americans, marking the early roots of property delineation and surveying in the area.

As a territory initially caught between Dutch and English claims, Greenwich, known as “Groenwits” under Dutch sovereignty, served as a pivotal point in the colonial expansion. This early period of land disputes and jurisdictional changes laid the groundwork for the importance of accurate land surveys and property rights.

The town’s development accelerated in the mid-19th century with the arrival of the New York and New Haven Railroad. This transformation turned Greenwich from a scattered farming village into a flourishing suburban community linked closely to New York City. The establishment of Greenwich as a borough in 1854 catalyzed the construction of new public buildings and residential areas, emphasizing the importance of meticulous land planning and surveying.

Today, Greenwich is known for its vibrant neighborhoods and commercial centers, particularly along Greenwich Avenue. This historic district, with its architectural diversity spanning from Italianate to Georgian Revival styles, epitomizes the town’s rich history of land use and development.

At Redniss & Mead, we honor this legacy by continuing to provide exceptional land surveying services, ensuring that the rich history and development of Greenwich are respected and preserved. As we survey and plan your property, we are not just marking boundaries; we are becoming a part of this historic community’s ongoing story.