Steve Wise and Spinnaker Real Estate Partners, LLC. (Spin West Side I, LLC), The Home Depot

1937 West Main Street, Stamford

Project Type:
Construction of a 115,000sf Home Depot building and garden center with large parking lots and new intersection.

Services Provided:
Land Surveying, Site Civil Engineering and Planning & Zoning Consulting

In addition to managing the land use approval process, Redniss & Mead produced the site development plans and construction documents depicting the design of site grading, drainage, utilities, erosion controls, intersection design and prepared the Drainage Report. The Zoning Location Survey was used in the building permit process to depict proposed improvements relative to the property boundaries. We also prepared and submitted a CT DEEP Construction Stormwater General Permit application, EPB permit, provided Civil Engineer Construction Administrative services, Construction Surveying and Utility Coordination. We also assisted with State DOT permitting for the new intersection.

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