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Civil Engineering

Our civil engineers design infrastructure on your building site – elements few see but every project needs. We’re experts in engineering drainage and flood mitigation, septic systems and sewers, utilities, roads – all the systems that your home or buildings require to run smoothly.

Engage Engineering Early

It pays to introduce civil engineering analysis early in your project. You don’t want to get too far down the road on a design, only to find that it’s not feasible on your site. Or that you can’t get a permit. As experienced civil engineers, we often can find creative solutions to your site constraints. You may need to take septic system capacity, stormwater management, or flood compliance into consideration before your architect designs an addition to your home. Our engineers develop cost-effective and efficient solutions, focused on delivering the project you want.

Save Time & Money

We help you accomplish your goals with civil engineering that solves problems early in the project. That saves you time and money.

Civil Engineering Services

Think of civil engineering as the science and art of designing your site’s infrastructure.

The science involves analyzing existing and proposed systems, while the art is developing creative solutions that are also sound engineering.

Redniss & Mead’s licensed professional engineers or P.E.’s, provide a wide range of civil engineering services to individual homeowners and developers.

Civil Engineering Solutions

  • Comprehensive Storm Water Management Systems
  • Design of Collection, Conveyance, and Mitigation Systems
  • Improve Wet Conditions on Your Property
  • Recommend Solutions to Protect Your Home
  • Analyze Water Flow on Your Property
  • Wetlands Analysis and Restoration Solutions
  • Solutions to Flooding Problems
  • Flood Resistant Designs for River or Coastal Flood Hazard Areas
  • Compliance with local Flood Prone Area Regulations
  • Compliance with National Flood Insurance Program Standards
  • River Analysis and Backwater Studies
  • Floodplain Preparedness Plans
  • Flood Insurance Rate Map Amendments and Revisions
  • Elevation Certificates
  • Dock and Seawall Design
  • Dredging Planning and Permitting
  • Shoreline Protection
  • Flooding and Storm Surge Analysis
  • Evaluate Projects for Possible Site Points
  • Incorporate Green Elements into Site Designs
  • Best Management Practices
  • Low Impact Development Techniques
  • Total Suspended Solids Reduction
  • Meeting Regulatory Requirements
  • Rainwater Re-use
  • Compliance with the DEP Storm Water Quality Manual
  • Intersection Improvements
  • Roadway Widening
  • Drainage and Design Support for State Traffic Commission Certificate Requests
  • Municipal and State Road Projects
  • Taking and Easement Maps
  • Horizontal and Vertical Geometry
  • Subdivisions
  • Collaboration with Traffic Engineers and Transportation Planners
  • Feasibility Studies for Open Land
  • Soil Testing, Percolation Tests and Deep Pit Tests
  • Evaluate Existing System Function
  • Design New and Replacement Systems
  • Single-Family, Multi-Family, Institutional and Commercial Systems
  • Plan Design and Preparation
  • Permit Registration
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Gravity Sanitary Sewer Collection System Design
  • Low-Pressure Sanitary Sewer Collection System Design
  • Municipal and Private Pump Station Design
  • Coordination and Layout of Telephone, Electric, Cable, Gas, and Water Services
  • Probable Construction Cost Analysis
  • Earthwork Quantity Calculations
  • Value Engineering Recommendations
  • Prepare Bid Packages
  • Assist with Contractor Selection
  • On-site Observation
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Request for Information Response

What our clients are saying

There are so many good things to say about Redniss & Mead that I’m not sure where to begin . . . Perhaps with the breadth of expertise they bring to their clients, and consistent responsiveness to clients’ needs: Redniss & Mead has been essential to the success of every project on which we have worked together, from initial concept, through its contributions in achieving zoning approval, and afterward providing excellent design and construction site services over the course of a project, and finally, project completion and closeout. The staff is personable, knowledgeable, and unfailingly cooperative in meeting the Owner’s and the project’s needs; Redniss & Mead distinguishes itself at every stage of property development – it is the best.
Cathleen Miller
Construction Manager, Property Development- New Neighbors, Inc.
We have worked with Redniss & Mead on several commercial and residential projects now and I can highly recommend them as they have shown a high degree of responsiveness, attention to detail and professionalism.
B. Holt Thrasher
Managing Director - Mooreland Partners
We recently completed the planning, design and construction of a seventeen acre campus for the Winston School in Norwalk. The selection of Redniss & Mead at the very start of the planning process was a critical component of the project’s overwhelming success. The topographically challenged site was populated with a designated water course and multiple wetland areas. During the construction phase of most projects, field conditions will sometimes create a need for on site design work. In addition, surveying needs are always ongoing. Delays in responding to these site meetings and or layout requests can significantly delay, and therefore increase the cost of a project. This was never an issue with Redniss & Mead. Their response times were as short as we have ever experienced. During our 38 years managing projects, we have worked with a large number of civil engineering and surveying firms. Without question, Redniss & Mead ranks among the top five in our experience
Victor Canseco, LEED AP, BD+C
Sandpebble Builders Inc.
I have been working with Redniss & Mead on a Condominium/Townhouse development in Greenwich for approximately 6 months. Being a retired senior aerospace executive my experience and therefore performance expectations were very high. I am happy to say that the people working with me at Redniss & Mead exceeded my expectations in all areas. They are knowledgeable, inventive, professionals with an amazing work ethic. Additionally, they are customer oriented, very responsive, and team players and that makes a successful project. It has been a pleasure to work with the Redniss & Mead Co.
Peter M Buccieri
Property Owner
We have been developing multi-family rental projects over the past 25 years. One of the most complicated and challenging projects we have tackled has been our downtown Stamford project, 75 Tresser. Redniss & Mead was critical to this project’s success. They steered the project through the approval process, and performed the site engineering on a site which is bounded by 2 State roads . It goes without saying they are experts at what they do. More important, we like working with them because they are good people, who deliver a buildable product on time. We would be happy to work with the firm again.
Andy Montelli
Post Road Residential
I have employed Redniss & Mead on several projects over the past twelve years. In all cases I have been 100% satisfied with their work and the final outcome on each project. I have been consistently impressed with their professionalism, the technical knowledge of their staff, and their understanding of local laws and requirements. I have also been impressed with — and believe my projects have benefited from — the positive relationships Redniss & Mead has cultivated within various city and state departments. I would, without reservation, recommend Redniss & Mead for any Civil Engineering, planning and zoning or survey project within their service area.
Greg Ohman
We have been clients of Redniss & Mead for 50 years. We believe that the firm offers us many advantages, including the ability to unify site planning, zoning analysis, and civil engineering services. This coordination has resulted in clear, timely decisions and implementation. The collegial atmosphere within Redniss & Mead makes the tough road of development much easier to navigate.
Steve Hoffman
Hoffman Investment Partners
The Beacon Projects Group has worked with Redniss and Mead on several projects. We have found their team to be very professional; always meeting deadlines, promptly answering RFI’s and consistently being committed to the project at hand. The Beacon Projects Group not only endorses Redniss & Mead, we look forward to working with them in the future.
Frank J. Mullaney LEED AP
The Beacon Projects Group

Land Surveying

Planning & Zoning


  • These are surveys that are often referred to as “A-2 Surveys”
  • Property Survey
  • Perimeter Survey
  • Existing Building Location Survey (commonly called a “plot plan”)
  • Zoning Location Survey
  • Improvement Location Survey (“As-Built”)
  • Subdivision Map
  • Easement Map
  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey
  • Boundary (Property Line) Stake-Out
  • Topographic Survey
  • General Location Survey
  • Right of Way Survey
  • Horizontal Control Survey
  • Vertical Control Survey
  • Data Accumulation Plan
  • Compilation Plan
  • Hydrographic Survey
  • Construction Stake-Out Services
  • Construction Layout & Monitoring
  • GPS Services
  • Property/Boundary Research and Expert Witness Services
  • Average Grade / Grade Plane Analysis
  • Wetland Mapping
  • Underground Utility Mapping
  • Flood Elevation Certificates
  • Flood Insurance Rate Map Amendments (LOMA) and Revisions (LOMR)