LCB Senior Living

1141 Post Road East

Project Type:
Assisted Living

Services Provided:
Land Surveying, Site Civil Engineering and Planning & Zoning Consulting

Redniss & Mead prepared, submitted, presented, and led the planning & zoning application process for the redevelopment of this site. Our Westport Land Surveys Service included coordination with Town of Westport Land Use staff, presentation before the Boards, and coordinated with other Town departments, area representatives, neighbors and other interested parties. We prepared site plans, including grading, utility plans, sediment & erosion control, and a Drainage Summary Report for use in securing all local land use permits. We prepared the Flood Study for use in confirming conformance with the Town of Westport Flood Zone Regulations. We led the application process with the Conservation Commission, Flood & Erosion Control Board and Water Pollution Control Authority. We worked with staff and the necessary peer reviewers prior to any application submission and hearing. We coordinated with Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) to secure preliminary approval for the proposed improvements. In addition, we prepared a LOMR application to update the FEMA maps to represent current day conditions that have changed since the original mapping was done. Rendering by The Architecural Team, Inc.

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