Corcoran Jennison/Berkley Investments and Park Square West, LLC


Project Type:
Residential and Mixed-Use

Services Provided:
Land Surveying, Site Civil Engineering

Redniss and Mead served as Site/Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor of record for Park Square West,  a large, mixed-use development located within Downtown Stamford.  The project, designed so as to be implemented in phases, envisions buildings that will include ground level retail space together with apartment type dwelling units.  The overall project also includes the expansion of an existing, parking garage that not only serves the development but provides additional parking for public use.  Engineering services provided include design of site grading, drainage, sanitary sewer facilities, utility infrastructure, service drive, etc.  Surveying services include mapping of existing conditions and easements as well as layout/location of proposed buildings and other improvements during construction.  The initial phase of the project included incorporation of flood proofing measures into the design due to the location of the site within the 100 year floodplain of the nearby Rippowam River which required approval from the Stamford Environmental Protection Board.

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