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Charter Oak Communities – Greenfield


Charter Oak Communities


Merrell Avenue
Stamford, CT

Services Provided

Planning and Zoning and Site Civil Engineering

Greenfield is located on Merrell Avenue, partially on a portion of the Vidal Court site, and partially on land received from Stamford Health System (SHS) as part of a larger land exchange in which SHS gave COC its former rehab center (now the site of the Palmer Square development), and COC gave SHS a portion of the Vidal Court site to facilitate a major expansion and redevelopment of the hospital campus.Planning and Zoning included Applications for Master Plan Changes, Zone Changes, Text Changes, Road Discontinuance, and Property Swaps for the demolition of 216 existing dwelling units and the construction of 117 new dwelling units. The remaining units are being replaced and developed on multiple offsite locations in the area. Engineering services currently being provided include engineered plans for construction depicting the design of site grading, drainage, utilities, erosion controls, and coordination with respect to CHFA requirements.