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Harbor Point


Building & Land Technology


South End of Stamford, CT

Services Provided

Redniss & Mead was a lead consultant on the initial approvals and has been the project surveyor since the project’s initial planning, providing:
• Base Property & Topographic Surveys
• Detailed Improvement Location Surveys (“as-builts”);
• Construction control layout for buildings, roads, parking, bulkheads, boardwalks, docks & floats
• ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey
• Environmental Land Use Restriction easement mapping

Harbor Point is a transit-oriented, mixed use development along the Long Island Sound, consisting of more than 2,300 new apartments, multiple office buildings, dining and shopping establishments, several marinas, a waterfront boardwalk, public parks, and a trolley bus transportation system.

The overall development has included the survey, redesign and construction of existing public roads, as well as the design and construction of new roads and pedestrian accessways.