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Merritt 7 Corporate Park / Merritt on the River


Merritt 7 Venture, LLC


Route 7

Services Provided

Land Surveying Site/Civil Engineering and Planning

This 1,300,000 square foot corporate office park is located along 3,500 feet of the Norwalk River. Site planning included the relocation of 2,300 feet of the River; analysis of flood impacts on five completed buildings; environmental analysis and design of impact mitigation such as fish groins and low flow channels; detailed surveys and construction control; and comprehensive permit processing at the local, State and Federal levels. Merritt on the River: We provided Engineering and Surveying services for the construction of a 227-unit residential building (273,635 square feet) and renovation of two existing office buildings totalling
230,000 square feet. Site Engineering included design of storm sewer, sanitary sewer, parking and utility coordination. The project required Conservation and Zoning Board approvals at the local level, as well as Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Transportation approvals at the State level. Access to the site included construction of a bridge crossing over the Norwalk River.