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URBY Stamford/Parcel 38




Tresser Boulevard/Greyrock Place
Stamford, CT

Services Provided

Engineering, Surveying and Planning & Zoning

4.3-acre excavation that came to be called “the hole in the ground”, undeveloped for more than 20 years, was approved by the City of Stamford Zoning Board to turn it into a multimillion-dollar residential project. The project when complete will consist of 11 apartment buildings, including 272 studios, 273 one-bedroom and 127 two bedroom apartments. Ten of the buildings would be connected in a square-like shape with one building jutting out of the middle. The site also features a 5,090-square-foot public cafe at the street corner with outdoor seating. The 83,000-square-foot outdoor area also includes a pool, chessboard, fire pit and green space.