What is Site Civil Engineering?

civil engineers working on site plans

What is site civil engineering?

Site civil engineering is the science and art of designing the underlying foundation (also known as the infrastructure), the  utilities and land forms prior to their construction.


When should you use a civil engineer?

As early in the process as possible for your project, even before hiring an architect. You may want to use a civil engineer to analyze your site’s ability to support the type of use or construction that you contemplate. A civil engineer can also conduct a formal feasibility study to identify site constraints, regulatory issues and potential solutions before you spend on design.


What kind of engineering services do you need?

The needed services depend upon your site, your project, and where you are in the process. We are pleased to talk to clients, with the goal of understanding what you need to accomplish, what challenges you face, and how we can best help you.


How much will civil engineering services cost?

It depends on your site and your project. Once we know your goals and the type of services you require, we will give you a written proposal.  Your best value is the proper engineering – before you get too far down the road on your project.


What is important in selecting a civil engineering firm?

Be sure to hire a professional engineer or P.E., who is licensed in the state where your project is located.  The term “civil engineering” covers a wide range of disciplines and services, so be sure to select a firm that does a lot of work in the specific areas needed for your project. You want engineers who are both technically excellent as well as productive members of the project team, helping your project to be all that you envision.

Ask about comparable projects and check client references. Inquire about the firm’s reputation among professionals that provide related services, such as architects, contractors, land use attorneys, real estate developers, and staff at building departments and permitting agencies.


Where can I learn more about civil engineering?

Visit these professional associations, in which Redniss & Mead engineers are active members:


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