What is land planning?

land planning

Land use planning services bring together a wide range of disciplines to assist you in transforming your land use idea into reality. Services may include engineering analysis of the physical constraints and infrastructure, cost analysis, regulatory permits and managing relationships with neighbors and other constituencies.

The planning consultant is a team player, collaborating with your architect, developer, contractor, legal counsel, financial experts, and public relations advisors to make sure everything is addressed without needless overlap, conflict or expense.

When should you start the land use planning process?

As early as possible, even before buying land for your project. For complex projects, you may want to commission a formal feasibility study to identify site constraints, regulatory issues and potential solutions before you make financial commitments or announce your intentions to develop your land parcel.

How much will planning services cost?

The cost will depend on the size and complexity of your project. After learning your goals and the type of services you require, we will provide you with a written proposal.

Your best value is professional planning that identifies and solves problems as early as possible in the process—even before you acquire the land for your project.

What is important in selecting a firm for planning assistance?

Look at the firm’s track record, credentials, range of services and reputation.

Learn about the firm’s experience handling projects of the scale and complexity that you are contemplating and check client references. Investigate the firm’s reputation among professionals that have been involved in similar projects, such as architects, contractors, land use attorneys, real estate developers and permitting agencies.

Consider the professional credentials of the individual firm members, including certification in land use planning by the American Institute of Certified Planners as well as credentials in civil engineering and land surveying. Review the range of services provided by the firm—planning, engineering, surveying and mapping—to manage down the number of players on your project.

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