What is Land Surveying?

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What is a land survey?

A Land Survey is an accurate record of your property on a map detailing your property lines and noting the elements of your property on the map.  It is important to have a land survey of your property when buying or selling you home/property or making any improvements or changes to your property.

When should you do a land survey?

As early as possible before a change in your property. In such case as:

  • Before land is developed or altered by construction of buildings, additions or improvements, a survey will identify constraints such as boundaries, set-backs or wetlands.
  • Your architect, landscape architect, drainage engineer, real estate agent, land use attorney and contractor rely on accurate survey data to do their jobs.
  • Before you buy, sell, subdivide, or transfer any rights such an easement, a survey assures the location of property boundaries and the accuracy and wording of legal descriptions.
  • A survey is the first step in the process of applying for zoning changes or other use permits.
  • A survey is needed to resolve boundary or encroachments disputes.

What kind of survey do you need?

It depends on what you need to accomplish your goals.  When you call us, we take the time to understand and evaluate the situation and propose the appropriate type of survey without unnecessary work or expense.

How much will your survey cost?

Our survey prices are very competitive. After doing some research and scoping your property, we will estimate the cost, which is determined by:

  • Purpose of your survey and the required accuracy – which is determined by the complexity of legal records concerning boundaries, deeds and easements
  • Current conditions, including size and shape, accessibility, existing markers, natural features and season of the year.
  • Requirements of third parties, such as your title insurance, lender, zoning commission, and architect.

Your best value will be a survey that meets all your needs and legal requirements, based on thorough deed research and field work.

What is important in selecting a firm for your survey?

Check the firm’s reputation and professional credentials.


A good surveyor meets the needs of the client’s architect, contractor, land use attorney, permitting authority and other users. Redniss & Mead’s clients range from individual homeowners to major developers, and we gladly provide references.


Only a licensed, professional land surveyor may perform boundary or land title surveys.

The surveyors at Redniss & Mead hold professional land surveyor licenses for Connecticut and New York. They are also respected, active members of land surveyor associations and the local community.

Where can I learn more about land surveying?

Check out these articles and professional associations.

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