Greenwich Academy – Main Campus

33-acre campus serving a K-12 student population of 800. Since 1994, Redniss and Mead has provided engineering design of site improvements and infrastructure serving a variety of new and renovated campus buildings as Greenwich Academy continues to implement its Master Plan. Work has included the Wallace Performing Arts Center with its 400-seat Massey Theater, The Raether Athletic Center and outdoor Athletic Field Complex, the Upper School and Library and renovations to the Middle School, Young Dining Hall Facility and Historic Ruth West Campbell Hall. Services include site grading, stormwater management, parking and drop-off design, sanitary sewer connections, utilities, construction administration survey mapping and layout. Permit approvals included Planning and Zoning Commission, Inland Wetland and Watercourses Agency and Department of Environmental Protection for coverage under the NPDES Stormwater Discharge Permit. With given site constraints, design solutions focused on stormwater management, wetland/watercourse protection and maintaining parking operations during and after construction while allowing full operation of the school.

Stamford Health

We were on the team that facilitated a property swap between Stamford Hospital and Charter Oak Communities to make two developments a reality. As part of the swap, Stamford Hospital gained a portion of the Vidal Court property for the hospital’s new campus expansion including a new healthcare pavilion. We provided planning, civil engineering and land surveying services which translated to fluency in applications for Master Plan changes, Zone changes, Text changes, Site Plan approvals, and the discontinuance of City Streets. Construction logistics were critical to the design allowing the hospital to stay fully operational during the campus and facility improvements. The project is registered with the U.S. Green Building Council under the LEED® rating system and is incorporating strategies from the Green Guide for Health Care. The Charter Oak Communities revitalization of Vidal Court includes a replacement of the existing 216 units and an increase in the total number of units to 350 on multiple sites.

Brunswick School

A renovation of a 10-acre campus supporting a student population of 330. The solution married buildings built at five different times providing accessibility, improved pedestrian flow, and increased parking within a natural setting in a way that respected the historic school building. Redniss & Mead, Inc. was the lead consultant for a permit process that included applications to and appearance before the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency, Architectural Review Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Planning & Zoning Commission receiving approvals to convert an existing gymnasium into a 400-seat Performing Arts Center. Design responsibilities included utilities, grading, sediment and erosion controls, and a stormwater management system incorporating low impact development techniques to manage both water quantity and water quality. The process required careful coordination with the local Department of Public Works and outreach to the neighbors concerned about legacy traffic and parking operations.

Brunswick School – Edwards Campus

The eighteen building, 104-acre, campus constructed since 1998 houses academic facilities for grades 1 through 8, athletic facilities for grades 1 through 12, faculty housing, and supporting infrastructure. The development required approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission, Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency, Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Public Health, Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Public Utility Control. Responsibilities included: management and oversight of a team of sub-consultants tasked with designing the site including on-site potable water treatment and supply and advanced wastewater treatment and disposal including a grey water system recycling used water to toilets and urinals; dam safety permitting including breach analysis and backwater analysis; stormwater management system including two stormwater wetlands and an expanded existing pond; turf grass and synthetic turf athletic fields; and NPDES-compliant Stormwater Pollution Control Plans and site monitoring.

Convent of the Sacred Heart

This project included a multi-sport, major-game, synthetic turf athletic field and additions and improvements to a school campus including a new middle school and library, wastewater treatment plant, synthetic turf athletic field, parking lots, pre-k and kindergarten facilities. The campus is served by on-site potable water supply and wastewater disposal facilities. Site engineering services included grading; sediment and erosion controls including construction monitoring; sanitary sewers; utilities; and the design of a stormwater management system for quantity control and quality mitigation including separation, infiltration, and bio-filtration of stormwater runoff.

King School

This 34 acre campus supports a student population of 650 plus a faculty of 120. Neighborhood coordination, traffic and drainage flow design were required to alleviate historic campus and neighborhood concerns.  The development of site designs and the subsequent permitting process involved Special Exception applications and coordination with an adjacent subdivision development. Designs and specifications were “value engineered” to cut costs without sacrifice of design quality. Construction activities were monitored for compliance and conformity with design criteria. Surveys for layout and location of improvements were required and performed.

Glenville School

Substantial reconstruction of a K-5 public school serving a student population of 400. Our design responsibilities included grading, drainage, utilities, paving, site planning, and sediment and erosion controls.

Long Ridge School

On this 14 acre campus, we provided services for the addition of an auditorium and parking. Design services include stormwater management, water supply, primary and reserve Sanitary Sewer Disposal System (SSDS), grading, planning, and layout. The SSDS was designed for the school’s K through 5 use and the summer day camp use.

The Winston Preparatory School

We participated in a Master Plan Design Charrette focused on the sustainable use and restoration of this 13-acre campus to serve the unique academic needs and mission of the Winston Preparatory School. Ultimately, we designed the site and received necessary regulatory approvals for a new teaching facility including an outdoor classroom that replaced an existing modular classroom building. The newly organized campus ties together several disparate buildings and sections of the site with pedestrian and vehicular improvements while respecting and restoring a wetland and watercourse corridor central to the site. LEED status is pending.

Greenwich Hospital

Modernization of the hospital included demolishing most of the existing facility and building a new hospital. Evaluated the sanitary sewage flow and the existing infrastructure to accept flow and designed new sanitary sewers. Designs of offsite road improvements were required as were State and Local permits. Construction phasing was critical.